This 2-car detached garage was recently completed in the Bates Hendricks neighborhood of downtown Indianapolis. Bates Hendricks is an up-and-coming neighborhood and has recently been made popular with extensive rehabs completed by HGTV’s Two Chicks and a Hammer.

For this project, our client, a southern transplant, had plenty of yard space but lacked a modern garage. Our client enjoys the changing of seasons of Indiana and wanted something that would make their life easier especially during the brutal Indiana winters and hot summers.

In addition, this specific area of town most of the homes do not have garages and most neighbors tend to park on the street. So as you can imagine street parking is a current problem and will continue to get worse as this area continues to grow.

Before the Start of Construction


Before we could move forward with construction of the new garage we had to get a zoning variance. In collaboration with our client we decided on building the garage directly next to the main residence instead of directly behind the home. This was a unique scenario because our client owned a double lot. We immediately knew that building a garage on the empty lot next to their main residence would go against Marion county’s current zoning code.

With this knowledge we talked through the necessary steps with getting a project like this approved through the zoning board of Indianapolis and our client was on board. Whenever a project like this requires a variance we prepare our client that this process will take several months and there is a chance that it will not get approved. After several months we had an approved variance and an approved set of permits to begin construction.


Design for this garage was fairly simple. Our client wanted enough space to park their daily driver and space to store their lawn and gardening essentials. To maintain the character of the home and property we needed to make sure we use similar materials to match the look and feel of her home so we are able to match her home’s color and also the siding type so that it feels and looks as though it was designed and built to match the home from the very beginning. In this garage build we used LP Smart siding and cedar trim board. In this video Dwight Cliff Jr. speaks to this.

The solution was a new garage with plenty of room which we are happy to provide her with. Check out this video from when we started this project.


Our customer decided to work with us because we had a process in place and we’re able to complete the project to her specifications and other companies were not able to meet her needs. There were a lot of details to work through including local government, surveys and such but, we worked through those issues and through the design process to come up with the solution that would work best for her.

During the construction of the garage there were a few issues regarding getting the necessary materials needed but due to the experience and knowledge of our team we are able to come up with solutions to take care of the issues and keep the project on target, on budget and on time. Some issues you can find solutions for others you just have to wait. For example, we were able to come up with another solution for our header beam, but we had to wait weeks for cement for the driveway apron. Watch as the team puts in this header beam.

Progress Photo of Exterior


A few changes are also always expected so we did end up adding a piece of sidewalk between the garage and the garage and changed the gutters and downspouts to accommodate rain barrels.

Now our customer has a wonderful 2 car garage with plenty of room so that the cars can be parked inside, safe and protected from the elements. The garage has a roll door in the rear of the garage so that she can easily get to her lawn equipment. No more lugging equipment from inside the house to do lawn work or work in the garden but now everything is handy right inside this beautiful two-stall garage. It has stone in the driveway which saves on cost, instead of paving a full brand new drive. We leveled ground surrounding the garage and put down mulch around the garage and stone around her box garden area in back of the garage.

On top of that, there’s a better resale value due to it being one of the only homes in the area with a new two-stall garage.

If our customer hadn’t contacted us from what we understand she would have had continued issues trying to work with some other construction companies that didn’t understand what it took to get the job done the right way the first time and unfortunately she’s still a be lugging equipment out of the house to do yard work and parking her car on the street. We are sure happy that we had the opportunity to work with her and to provide her with this garage that’s going to benefit her for years to come and will pay off in a large way when she goes to finally sell her home one day.

Completed 2-Car Detached Garage Indianapolis
Finished Photo of Garage

We love seeing a project completed and we’re sure you do too. If you are interested in learning more about building a garage please complete the “Get a Quote” form.